Nordic Organic Chef competitions

The Nordic Organic Food Fair hosted the 2016 finals of the Nordic region’s only organic chef competitions, Nordic Organic Chef of the Year and two national finals for Sweden’s Organic Chef and Sweden’s Young Organic Chef.

Chefs from organic kitchens across the Nordic region fought for the title of becoming the second Nordic Organic Chef of the Year in Malmö.

The competition is organised by Föreningen Ekokockar (Organic Chef Association), which was founded in 2015. By hosting chef competitions the association is celebrating chefs in restaurants, school kitchens and nursing homes who are often working on a tight budget. The competitions give all of the organic heros inspiration for how to work with produce, give them new recipe ideas and a place to gather and celebrate their accomplishments.

Håvard Klempe, sous chef at Credo in Trondheim won Nordic Organic Chef of the Year in 2016.




Nordic Organic Chef of the Year

The Nordic Finals took place on Thursday the 17th November 2016 as we welcomed finalists from Norway, Finland, Estonia and Sweden.

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