Where to eat in Malmö

For more organic restaurants, we recommend KRAV’s website, where you can search in and around Malmö. Have a look here.

Far i Hatten

Address Malmö Folkets Park Far i Hatten is an organic café
in the middle of Folkets Park in Malmö. The city-slick hipster-cafe is built in 1890.In the summer crowding half Malmo on the terrace and the food is easier – but in the autumn, spring and winter wonderful things happening in the grass-covered roof. Chef Simon Lennblad is found fermenting, drying and cooking what they grow on their own roof.
Phone +46 40 6153651
Webpage www.farihatten.se
Opening hours: Sunday – Tuesday
Wednesday- Saturday 11.30-02.00
Reservation needed? No KRAV-labelled with 1 KRAV-mark


Address Claesgatan 3, Malmö Our little restaurant and bar at
Möllevångstorget.In a relaxed and very personal environment we offer
is the first restaurant with three KRAV-marks a unique range of vegetarian
dishes, all self-composed and varied. We also have organic wines and a wide range
of different beers 
Phone +46 40616 0203
Webpage www.balthazar.me
E-mail [email protected]
Opening hours: Monday–Saturday 17.00-01.00
Reservation needed? No KRAV-labelled with 3 KRAV-marks

Restaurang Kao’s

Address Föreningsgatan 57, Malmö We are an organic vegan and vegetarian restaurant in the heart of Malmö. In addition to lunch and dinner, we serve cakes and desserts, lots of organic and ecological drinks, coffee. When the weather permits, we offer outdoor seating. 
Phone  +46 4012 1180
Webpage www.facebook.com/Kaos
E-mail [email protected]
Opening hours: Monday-Saturday
Reservation needed? No  

Raw Food House

Address Friisgatan 8, Malmö Organic and fair trade restaurant
awarded gold medal by National Restaurant association 2011. Serves rawfood, i.e dishes not heated above 42 degrees c to preserve all vital nutrients. Daily 6 dishes on the menu, and an assortment of about 20 cakes, pastries and desserts.
All free from Gluten, dairy and processed sugar. All made from organic nuts, seeds fruits and berries. So healthy they make a perfect breakfast. Nice outdoor seating area with about 30 seats on Malmö’s most trendy restaurant strips. Only 24 indoor seats, so avoid peak hours (Weekdays 12-13:30 Sat 13-16) due to the popularity of the restaurant – unless the weather allows outdoor
Phone +46 4012 9200
Webpage www.rawfoodhouse.se
E-mail [email protected]
Opening hours: Monday-Tuesday
Reservation needed? No  

SMAK Malmö Konsthall

Address St Johannesgatan 7 Most of our suppliers are local
producers, some of them organic. We recycle all wastes and signs in the
restaurant encourage our customers not to waste good food. 
Phone +46 4050 5035
Webpage www.restaurangsmak.se
E-mail [email protected]
Opening hours: Every day 11.00-17.00, for groups only during
evenings. Wednesdays open until around 21.00
Reservation recommended? yes  

Bastard Mat & Vin

Address Mäster Johansgatan 11, Malmö Freshness is a core ingredient of our philosophy. In order to maintain our standards we update our menu on a daily
basis according to the availability of the freshest local and/or environmentally
friendly produce and meat. We try to use all parts of the animal. Our beverages are chosen with the same care. We offer organic and  natural wines, microbrews and our cocktails made with fresh ingredients.
Phone +4640121318
Webpage www.bastardrestaurant.se 
E-mail [email protected]
Opening hours: Tuesday-Thursday
Reservation recommended? Yes  

Wayne’s Coffee

Address Södra Förstadsgatan 10 A cosy organic café with a
range of salads, sandwiches and light meals and amazing coffee.
Phone +46 40 301 212
Webpage www.waynescoffee.se
Opening hours: Monday-Sunday
Reservation recommended? No  

Green Bistro

Address Turning Torso Green matmarknad is a supermarket with a
restaurant with a strong sustainability focus. For instance, we don’t throw
anything away unnecessarily. Any raw ingredients that are in full blossom is instead used as ingredient by our fantastic chefs – providing delicious ready-cooked food for you. We love the scents and flavours of real food. To take home with you or enjoy here with us.
Phone +46 10330 0040
Webpage www.greenmatmarknad.se
E-mail [email protected]
Opening hours: Monday-Sunday
Reservation recommended? Yes  

Restaurant Salt & Brygga

Address Sundspromenaden 7 Salt & Brygga is a local restaurant
for the whole city, located right on the seafront in Western Harbour
district. As well as offering our guests food and drink of the highest quality, we also want to make environmental thinking a part of everything we do. We buy most of our ingredients from local producers who use healthy, organic farming methods. We were awarded The eco-restaurant of the year by The White Guide 2010
Phone +46 40611 5940
Webpage www.saltobrygga.se
E-mail [email protected]
Opening hours:  
Reservation recommended? Yes  

Mrs Brown

Address Storgatan 26 We serve seasonal food from local often organic producers and fish from sustainable fishing mostly from Öresund. We use all parts of the animal and use no additives when cooking
Phone +46 4097 2250
Webpage www.mrsbrown.nu
E-mail [email protected]
Opening hours: Monday-Tuesday 12.00-23.00
Reservation recommended? Yes, only by phone  

Bloom in the park

Address Pildammsvägen 17 Our kitchen works with the purest definition of seasonal flavours. Each component plays an important role, both individually and in harmony with the rest of the dish. The drive is toward
deconstruction and experimentation, but the roots lie in classic French
gastronomy. Bloom in The Park is a “No Menu” restaurant. This concept
allows our chefs to serve the best ingredients according to availability, day and
Phone +46 4079363
Webpage www.bloominthepark.se
E-mail [email protected]
Opening hours: Monday-Saturday
Yes, by phone or website