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Meet the speaker – Johannes Cullberg

Johannes Cullberg, founder of Paradiset (Sweden’s largest organic grocery store) is determined to improve health in Sweden and beyond. Ahead of his session, he talks about what has helped to shape the organic sector and the importance of a sustainable future in this exclusive Q&A. Who or what has been the biggest influence on your career? […]

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The secrets of Hibiscus

Written by Alastair Samsome Smith, Chosan Drinks Hibiscus beverage is made from an infusion of its swollen, juicy calyces and bracts which surround the petals.  It has a much more scientific name – Hibiscus sabdariffa and with it comes a rich and cultured history of traditional African folk-lore. That history derives from its association with […]

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Getting acquainted with Aronia

Written by Olivitrus Fine Greek Tastes  Aronia berries are considered to be one of the most nutritionally dense fruits in the world. They contain higher levels of antioxidants and anthocyanins than cranberries, blueberries, grapes, and most other fruits. Anthocyanins (phenols) are potent antioxidants. Studies have shown that antioxidants help reduce the risk for cancer, heart disease, […]

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Paul Holmbeck, director of Organic Denmark

Meet the speaker – Paul Holmbeck

Paul Holmbeck, director of Organic Denmark, has worked in politics, market development and communications for over 30 years. In this exclusive Q&A, he talks about the importance of growing the organic industry and why Denmark is leading the way. Who or what has been the biggest influence on your career? Working in grassroots politics and […]

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Why are botanists so enthused about olive leaf tea?

Written by Tetie Markidis (Eleokarpos) For centuries before the arrival of modern medicine, therapies using natural herbs and plants were used because of their preventative and therapeutic powers. One of these concoctions was tea from olive leaves. Now science has discovered the secrets of the beneficial health properties of the olive leaves. What are these […]

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Meet the speaker – David Hedin

Senior analyst at Euromonitor International David Hedin will be presenting a Nordic Health and Wellness Market Overview in the Natural Theatre.  Ahead of his session, he talks about key drivers and trends to be aware of. Are there any key drivers/health perceptions impacting growth in health and wellness markets in 2017? In surveys among residents of […]

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Peter Åsberg, ordförande för Svensk Egenvård och koncernchef för Midsona.

Meet the speaker – Peter Åsberg

Peter is the CEO of Midsona, a Nordic leader in the health and well-being industry, and also the chairman of the Swedish industry Association for self-care, Svensk Egenvård. Here he reveals trends and challenges in the self-care market, ahead of his session at the show.  What key trend(s) are emerging in the self-care market in […]

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Marije Vogelzang_2

Meet the speaker – Marije Vogelzang

Marije Vogelzang, an ‘eating designer’ from the Netherlands, speaks at events around the world about our changing relationship with food – including various topics surrounding food waste, the lack of biodiversity, food allergies and obesity.  Ahead of her session in the Organic Theatre, Marije discusses her unique approach to food design in this Q&A… What […]

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