Meet the brand: Aloha (Csinta)

Aloha are a small, family-and-friends owned organic and vegan raw dried fruit snack producer from Hungary. Find out more about their unique product, Csinta, in this meet the brands Q&A: 

Tell us a bit about your company

Aloha Ltd. is the producer of Csinta and we are based in Hungary.  At  Nordic Organic Food Fair this year, we’re launching our product into a number of new markets; here is what we do:

Csinta (pronounced ‘cheentah’) is a healthy organic and raw fruit snack made of fresh local fruits, dried slowly at low temperature. This way all the vitamins, nutrients and aromas of the fruits are kept. It is raw, vegan, organic, gluten free and contains no added sugar or any other additives. It is a snack, a dessert, and a versatile ingredient of creative gourmet dishes. Our core target is health conscious families who are often on the go. Csintas are also great for children of all ages from babies to teenagers because they are fun to eat. You can fold them, bend them, tear them, chew them. Our production facility is a short drive away from Budapest amid rolling hills full of fruit trees.

Our primary customers at this stage are coffee shops, organic specialty stores, delis and health food shops. We serve them direct or through distributor partners. We deliver to more than a hundred locations in Hungary alone. We are proud to say that the number of places carrying our products grows day by day and the demand for them goes beyond our borders. We already deliver to Slovakia, Italy and Great Britain and we hope to introduce the Csinta to other countries as well.

What makes your company unique?

The primary inspiration of our company is making quality, natural, real and fun snacks for families, children and adults.

It is both our product quality and design that make us unique. In a broader sense, any healthy impulse product can be regarded as an alternative however they are very rarely organic and raw. Therefore in most markets, there are no direct competitors in the area of raw fruit bars except for some products made mostly of date paste with some kind of flavoring ingredients. Csintas, on the other hand, are made from fresh local fruits to make sure all the inherent properties of the different fruits are kept for consumers to enjoy.

The shape of the packaging and the design of both Rolls and Cones together with the display are all part of the Csinta experience in order to convey the quality of the products to the consumers. Csintas are also a great product to be offered as unique gifts or treats.

Do you have any new product(s) or a giveaway/show discount that you are showcasing on your stand?

We are bringing a new product to the show that has been recently created, a filled Csinta variation with a mixture of walnuts, dried fruits, spices and a bit of raw agave syrup inside. It is a new twist on a traditional Central European delicacy called ‘Beigli’. No matter where we took them and who tasted them so far this new product has been a hit.

We will also showcase our new packaging for Csinta Rolls that is even easier to open and is more environmentally friendly.

What’s your current bestseller(s)

Csinta Rolls are available in 7 different organic fruit variations: apple, sour cherry, plum, ginger apple, apple chutney, pear, quince apple.

Csinta Cones are created so you can eat the whole thing. Both the cones and the filling. They are available in 5 fruit variations: apple, plum, sour cherry, quince apple and ginger apple and,

2 fruit / nuts and seeds varieties: apple chutney with chilli spiced seeds and apple cone with honey spiced nuts and seeds.

Why was Nordic Organic Food Fair an unmissable opportunity for you?

We have long been fascinated by the love of organic food in this part of the world. Having exhibited at a specialist trade show, Coffeeshop Innovation in London a few weeks ago has proven that many buyers are on the lookout for healthy, non-traditional and high quality organic, vegetarian, vegan and raw snack options. We are eager to find a way to make Csintas available to health conscious consumers in the Nordic region in the near future.

What kind of visitors are you looking forward to meeting at Nordic Organic Food Fair?

We would love to meet buyers from organic retailers, coffee shops or catering companies. We are also looking for distributors who would be happy to carry our product.

Find Aloha on stand G91 at the show. Nordic Organic Food Fair will return to Malmö, Sweden, on Wednesday and Thursday 14-15 November. To register for a free trade ticket, please click here.

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