Meet the speaker: Michaël Wilde – Eosta BV

“The Nordic countries are showing the way forward for the rest of Europe and the planet,” says Michaël Wilde, sustainability and communcations manager from Eosta BV. Find out more about his seminar session at the show and some trends impacting the organic market today:

What are the main takeaways visitors can get out of attending your session at NOFF?

I hope visitors will get a better understanding as to how sustainable organic agriculture is offering a credible and viable solution to many of the problems our planet is facing

What trends/regulations are impacting the organic fruit and vegetables market today?

The biggest trends are health, convenience and sustainability

Health …

For centuries our ancestors have known that food and health are intricately linked. However over the past 70 years, with the rise of modern medicine, western society has lost much of that knowledge.  Today a growing group of doctors, dietitians, farmers and foodies are rediscovering the fundamental link between health and food and are choosing for proactive healthcare and going back to their roots. When people choose food for health the step to chemical free, environmentally friendly organic food is easily made.


When we look at the devastating climate, biodiversity, water pollution, plastic soup, health and soil crisis, it is crystal clear that we have to fundamentally change the way we currently look at food and agriculture. Organic farming is proving over and over again that is has the answers. Sustainable farming practices have a direct positive impact on the four sustainable development goals that impact our Biosphere.


Time is the new luxury so anything that helps you save time is trending and popular. As an organic movement we need not only to follow this trend more closely but come up with better answers without giving up our ideals

How has the organic industry fared over the last few years?

I think we have done ok but I think there is much more we can do to let our voice be heard … and that is essential !!

What are you looking forward to most about attending the Nordic Organic Food Fair and why should industry professionals attend?

I particularly look forward to meeting people from the Scandinavian organic sector .. not just because generally speaking they are really great people but because the Nordic countries are showing the way forward for the rest of Europe and the planet.

Michaël Wilde will be part of a panel session all about ‘Organic fresh fruit and vegetables – dealing with the shift to plant based protein’ , taking place in the Organic Theatre at 1pm – 1.45pm on 15 Nov.  Nordic Organic Food Fair will return to Malmö, Sweden, on Wednesday and Thursday 14-15 November. To register for a free trade ticket, please click here

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