Organic agriculture highlights in Europe: Región de Murcia

Ginés Muñoz from Paprika Los Novios (stand H13X) talks about the boom in organic farming in the Spanish region of Murcia and the company’s motivations for going organic

The growth of organic agriculture in Spain

The organic agriculture industry in Spain has experienced a strong change since 2004, when the implementation of local certification mechanisms in the different communities within the framework of the European Union began. It has been a slow road, but the industry is solid and has seen constant growth.

So much so, that in 2017 record figures were documented compared to the year 2016, registering 43,984 operators of organic products (+ 3.1%) and 2,082,000 Ha dedicated to organic farming (+ 5.3%).

We have seen a boom in organic farming, and this positive evolution of the sector means that it is increasingly very profitable.

Spain at the forefront of organic production

Within Europe, Spain is one of the countries that has grown the most in recent years in organic production, Murcia being the region of the European Union where the most agricultural area – 26% – is devoted to organic farming. It has been the pioneer region for ecological agriculture since 1986.

The rise of organic agriculture came with the beginning of a new awareness towards the health of consumers and the natural environment. Organic farming is a sustainable business type, the product tastes better, and you feel better.

These are the benefits that current consumers are perceiving when the product is natural or ecological, healthy and responsible. It is this combination of elements that provides full satisfaction with the purchase of a product, and that is marked as a growing trend that will better our consumer society in the coming years.

Developing “Organic” Paprika Los Novios

That was the conclusion we came to in our company, and we made ourselves open our eyes to the present demand for organic products.

We had a very good gourmet product, with an important brand in its sector, and now we just needed to take the first step and be the change that we want to see in our daily lives.

This is how we started the “Organic” Paprika Los Novios project in 2016, when we made the clear decision that going forward we would:

  • Integrate organic pepper production
  • Look for a sustainable and appropriate packaging for the product
  • Certify the raw material and the container
  • Create a website to make known how it is done (
“Organic” Paprika Los Novios at Nordic Organic Food Fair

For our general development, and to be considered a region at the forefront of ecological consumption, we have found the ideal place for its launch at the Nordic Organic Food Fair.

In producing our organic paprika we have relied on the long agricultural experience of our Region of Murcia, a Mediterranean region located in the southeast of the Spanish coast, known as “Costa Cálida” due to its exceptional climate and soil conditions, where the pepper has been cultivated since the beginning of the sixteenth century, and where the brand was founded in 1918.

This is the place where we currently work locally for its cultivation, harvesting, drying and milling, in order to offer a unique product that we enjoy as much as we do.

Paprika Los Novios are a company based in the South of Spain that manufactures and supplies natural, organic paprika.  Established in 1918, they combine the experience of four generations with the latest technology to offer their range of natural sweet, hot and smoked paprika powder. Find them on stand H13X at the Nordic Organic Food Fair.
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